Puerto Varas, Patagonia norte, Chile, (+56 9) 943.01.030 - 923.55.648 / Info[at]fundosantaines.cl

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2014-01-15 02:43:38
Angela Polito

Fundo Santa Ines de la Vega was the BEST experience that we had in South America! Everything about it was wonderful. Alphonso, the young owner, had a vision of inviting people to experience the beauty and peace of an eco-farm and protected wetlands of Northern Patagonia, and he made it come true. He built four welcoming, private, comfortable, and ecologically sound cabanas raised above the wetland meadows. It is a Paradise. The price is amazingly low, the food is exquisite. Horseback rides through beautiful wildflowers and boating tours down the quiet river are included in the price of your stay! I LOVED riding out on horseback with Sandro in the mornings, among the birds and other wildlife. Little farm dogs play with the children along the banks of the river. Alphonso shares insights, history and stories with you, and willingly takes you to his sacred forest hidden along the river. They also offer fishing on the river. There is a sauna and a magical outdoor hot tub that you will have all to yourself during your time there. The wetlands are stunning, and hearing all about the natural history of the area from Alphonso is incredibly interesting. The waters are clear, safe, and perfect for swimming, the grounds are lovely, the beds are comfortable, the kitchens equipped with coffee and everything you need to cook, the shower is perfect, the ping-pong table set up in the trees, the people friendly and available for whatever you need. In the evenings they bring you fresh-baked bread for your breakfast, and light a fire in your woodstove for you. This Fundo was a respite from noisy Puerto Varas. It is little haven of peace and beauty, and a glimpse into the best of Chilean values - family love, sustainability, environmental commitment, thoughtful land-use, appreciation for nature, and a welcoming and generous attitude toward others. Go to Fundo Santa Ines de la Vega. You will be so glad you did.

2012-09-21 15:12:06
Wesley Culbertson

A very impressive article. Well prepared. Very motivating!!

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